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This goes to Fragments page 
This is Fragment #4 

***Note:  insert your name in place of "MEMBER_NAME" ... your member ID# in place of "MEMBER_ID#" ...  and your E-Mail address in place of "MEMBER_EMAIL".       Then copy The Ring of Artistic Flames fragment and paste into the place you want it.  Don't forget to right click the graphics and save them to your server, please Do Not link to this page or any other Ring Pages for the graphics!!!!   Good-Luck... if you have any problems please contact me by a page or email!!! 

<CENTER>&nbsp;<!--START  of The Ring of Artistice Flames Fragment #4--></CENTER> 

<TD ALIGN=CENTER WIDTH="400"><B><FONT SIZE=-1>This <A HREF="" target="_top">Ring 
of Artistic Flames</A> site is owned by <A HREF="mailto:MEMBER_EMAIL">RingMaster 

<TD ALIGN=CENTER><A HREF=""><IMG SRC="logo_artist.gif" BORDER=0 HEIGHT=40 WIDTH=400></A></TD> 

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5</A>] [<FONT COLOR="#FFFF00"><A HREF="" target="_top">Next 
Site</A></FONT>] [<A HREF="" target="_top">List 

<CENTER><!--END of The Ring of Artistice Flames Fragment #4--></CENTER>